“Do More With Less”

written by Attorney Dana C. Hanley and published in an April 2011 issue of the Portland Press Herald.

“Do more with less”; my father often shared that mantra with me and my three brothers when we were growing up. Forty years ago, I thought that was merely parent speak for “stop complaining” when my brothers and I grumbled about doing our chores.  In this era of declining state revenues and a $4.3 Billion dollar projected shortfall in Maine’s employee pension plan, I now see the wisdom in my dad’s words.

There are many in Augusta and throughout Maine with firm resolve that “doing more with less” is not possible.  I do not presume to have a magic panacea or all the answers to the multitude of questions and issues surrounding these troubling financial times. However, I do have a fairly unique perspective which may help to shed light on how we Mainers can frugally achieve meaningful reforms without further breaking the State’s piggy bank. Continue reading