Civil Litigation

General Litigation is a basic term for disputes motivating one or more parties to take legal action. It can be anything from a contract dispute to a real estate transaction gone wrong. We identify important issues and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your particular case to help provide outstanding outcomes for our clients. We will endeavor to help you find the most reasonable solution to your problem.  Depending on your problem and your goals, the most reasonable resolution of your case may involve simple and rather speedy measures or could entail complex litigation.  Our firm has extensive experience in litigating cases and will not hesitate to file your case when it is beneficial for our clients to go to trial. While balancing the facts of each case with the needs and demands of our client, we aggressively seek the best and most efficient disposition of cases for our clients.

With strong written and oral advocacy abilities, we skillfully represent our clients in a variety of litigation.  Some of these matters include:

Personal injury claims,

Motor vehicle accidents,

Family law,

Business disputes,


General Contract Disputes,

Boundary Disputes,

Will Contests or Probate matters,

Timber Trespass cases,


Negligence claims,

Specific performance,

Money damages, and

Criminal matters.