Contracts are one of the most basic legal structures that make it possible for people to form dependable business relationships and obtain reliable property rights. They are also the source of much litigation, especially when they are not drafted carefully and properly. A crucialcomponent of a contract is the ability to hold the other party to the underlying agreement. The most commonly disputed area which causes litigation is the interpretation of contracts.  At Hanley & Associates, we listen to our clients’ needs and draft and negotiate effective contracts on their behalf.  We also vigorously protect our clients’ contractual rights through numerous forms of advocacy including:  litigation, arbitration, or the most effective means of resolution. Our attorneys are not only capable of drafting contracts, but are equally effective in their enforcement of their terms.

The attorneys with Hanley & Associates who handle these matters are familiar with the applicable provisions of Maine contract law, as well as federal laws that can have an impact on contractual relationships. We are experienced at drafting many different types of contracts for a wide variety of  businesses and individuals.  By diligently crafting contracts for our clients, we strive to avoid issues leading to litigation.  However, if litigation becomes necessary, our expertise and knowledge of contract law provides us with the skills necessary to effectively represent the best interests of our clients.