Personal Injury

Attorney Linda Cohen provides expertise, genuine concern for you, and personal attention to detail on all aspects of your personal injury case. She is meticulous when it comes to your expenses: large or small (whether it is expert witness fees, negotiating reductions of your medical invoices, or other expenses and costs related to your case).

When calculating the fee on a case, our law firm keeps absolutely nothing on the savings Linda negotiates on your medical bills even when the savings are tens of thousands of dollars to you! Those funds go directly back to you in full. Attorney Cohen fights hard to put the maximum amount of money in your pocket.

It is crucial you have the confidence of the attorney representing you! As a conscientious attorney, Linda stays in contact with you, keeps you updated on what you might expect, and takes the time to discuss your current and future health as well as any of your concerns related to your case. She treats all clients as she would like to be treated.

Excellent legal representation can make a tremendous difference in the way you are dealt with in the judicial system. Your needs must be placed first and your level of confidence is paramount. You should know you are being whole-heartedly and skillfully represented. Attorney Cohen’s experience as a prosecutor honed her proficiency in litigation and her extensive practice in civil litigation has refined her skills in preparing and developing your case as well as negotiating the maximum dollar possible. Linda is tenacious for her clients whether: dealing with insurance carriers, presenting your case at mediation, or litigating on behalf of you at trial.


“I wanted to thank you for the nothing short of phenomenal job you did for me. The result truly exceeded my wildest expectations. I don’t know a ton of people, but I will certainly be telling others of your abilities and refer you every chance I get. If I ever get rear ended again you will be the first person I call!”     – Erik Thornfeldt

“Linda [Cohen] was really great handling my lawsuit for an auto accident.  I didn’t have to deal with the insurance company or the multiple phone calls that were required, while recovering from injuries.  I had total faith/confidence in Linda’s ability to handle my case.  She was empathic and professional.  If I had questions, even if I thought they were silly, I knew I could ask her.  I would highly recommend Linda to anyone that asks. Thank you so much Linda!”     – Audra MacLearn